About Us

LGBT in Capital Markets (LGBTCM) is a not-for-profit organization that supports and advances LGBT individuals in the capital markets industry.

Diversity in capital markets is a continuing challenge. Our organization was founded to address the lack of resources and opportunities for LGBT investment and finance professionals, and to create a professional networking association and mentorship program to enhance LGBT diversity in the capital markets industry.

Our organization is supported by:

  • Our Volunteers: our management team is all volunteers who have a passion for achieving our mission
  • Our Board of Directors: we’re governed by a board of directors who have combined experience in the capital markets, in diversity leadership, and in the LGBT+ community
  • Our Members: our growing membership base who we continue to work for and who benefit from our programming
  • Our Corporate Partners: companies who value our mandate and aid in achieving our goal of industry-wide diversity

Our Vision

All LGBT+ individuals can be their authentic selves and can succeed in the capital markets.

Our Mission

We advance LGBT+ talent in the capital markets by connecting industry professionals, developing talent through mentorship and formal programs, working with allies and advocating for our members, and supporting the success of future leaders.